Brain cameras

Anyone who regularly takes the MTA subway in New York City must agree with me on this:

When you look down and stare at the subway rail for several seconds, you think that you have discovered one of the dirtiest places in the world.

Rats, whose sizes vary, never forget to lurk around. Nylon bags are floating in the dirty water. And then, there are water bottles, and chip bags, and basketballs. The only thing that you can wish for is that the receptor cells at your nostrils would not suffer.

Nevertheless, no matter how scared I am of rats, I always glance down while waiting for the subway to come. And then I start staring at the border line of the train platform, shuddering at the thought of being pulled from behind into the rail.

To distract myself, I will look at my phone, or look straight into an undefined distance where thoughts are the only food, or read books. It is like a habit, to look at something in front of my eyes or down there, rather than, shall I say, look beyond.

Until I took this photo and realized that for once, I steered my eyes into a different direction and concentrated on it:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This photo seems ordinary, yet it was shot from an angle that I am not familiar with.

I have just always looked down to take notice of this and that ugly detail but forgotten to look up. Look further. Look to find beauty and inspiration.

It is so easy to notice vulgar details, but so difficult to take beautiful things into consideration, let alone notice it. Under different life circumstances, we have always been so inclined to perceive things from one angle, because it takes less work thinking.

But if we try shifting our perception to a novel way, there is a chance that:

Frustrating problems become challenges that make lives worth looking back

Painful failures are best motivation

Loss of a romantic love projects you to a new freedom where you can discover who you are

Let your brain be a camera. Tell it to shoot from various angles, zoom in, zoom out, keep the excellent shots and delete the bad ones forever.

 — Nhi



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