A Glance at Summer in NYC

By Nhi

Under the sizzling heat that pronounces the coming of summer, New York City becomes more attractive, bustled and multicultural. The people living here, with their unflagging energy and thirst for new experience, seem to love putting on their sunglasses and enjoying the sunshine. The city breathes with the tasty scent of summer, decorating itself with more ice-cream/ frozen yogurt trucks, fashionable passers-by in their trendy summer clothes and incessant noise from buildings under construction.








On the weekends, people start “drenching” themselves in sun cream and go to the beach. Sitting on the burning sand, they smell the saltiness of the beach atmosphere and feel relaxed. Finally, summer is here, someone whispers to himself. He prefers summer to the cruel winter. The white season offers him nothing but the damp layer of snow that his shoes dread.

In local areas, more people come to the parks and find chairs or flat rocks to sit on. Some open their unfinished books and let their eyes follow the words. Turning each page gets them further into another world. The sky is blue, almost cloudless.


A young girl with brown hair slightly touching her shoulders finds it difficult to focus on page hundred of a boring book about war that she forced herself to read two weeks ago.  Some birds are pecking the pieces of bread scattered on the ground.


Many children, sweating and breathing heavily, chase each other in laughter and screams. 




In about half an hour, the distinctive music from the ice cream truck will play, and most of them will get into the competition to see who can buy the chocolate cone first.


Their parents look in their kids’ directions; sometimes, the adults catch eyes and start talking to each other. Some teenagers are dribbling in the basketball court, oblivious to the flow of time.



4 thoughts on “A Glance at Summer in NYC

  1. i miss new york. my favorite seasons were autumn and winter. weird that it was never more christmas than christmas in new york


    1. My favorite seasons in New York are every season. The unique thing about New York is that I haven’t heard of anyone who hates it. They all miss it when leaving this city.

      Thank you for coming by and commenting by the way 🙂


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