My short note

By Nhi

Hello there,

As some of you may have read about us in the About page, this blog works as a record of how my friend and I manage to live through four years of college while pursuing our dreams.

First of all, I want to congratulate my friend, who is the second writer for this blog, on being accepted to the art school she wants. As always, I can not be prouder of you. Thank you for mentioning Oscar Wilde’s philosophy on your writing test 😉

Secondly, I want to send a big thank to everyone who has stopped by, commented, liked and followed Worldlittlelights. It scares me a little to think that my post will be exposed to many readers, but at the same time, I am motivated to write better under this pressure. I blogged for several months last year as a way to improve my writing, but ended up deleting the site due to my lack of motivation. Now, as I have a friend alongside, it will become more difficult for me to give up blogging.

Finally, in recent days, I have again become doubtful of what I want to do. However, I cannot come up with another major that I want to pursue. As much as I am terrified by failure, I somehow await it, because failure helps me learn most about myself.





7 thoughts on “My short note

  1. Congratulations to your friend!, I hope the best for both of you, by the way, I think your blog is great.

    This is exciting, I’m starting college this year too, I’ll be studying spanish literature : D


  2. Congratulations to your co-writer, of course, for being accepted into her chosen college. And congratulations to you, also, for being able to write as well as you do. I hope you will continue this project.


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