Photography Challenge Summer 2014 – SPEED

By Nhi

Starting from July 24, Cu and I started doing a photography challenge with twenty topics both of us came up with randomly.

For each topic, we will spend three days taking the best photo we are capable of. Or maybe it will be the worst photo, because after a long time choosing from a bunch of photos, we won’t probably even know which one is the best anymore.

Hopefully we will have a nice album that reflects how horrible we are at shooting.

The topic for the first three days is SPEED.


This one is taken by Cu. I really like what she did here. The photo is SPEED, because she apparently had to take the photo really fast to capture this moment.


This is mine. Surprisingly, we hadn’t discussed a single word about speed but still came up with photos that look somehow alike in many ways.

Last Friday, I was at Rockaway Beach and as my feet dipped into the water, I immediately felt amazed by the waves which were lapping the golden sand in a steady speed.

However, I didn’t do a good job as my friend did. My photo didn’t remind people of SPEED, and it could fit into any categories (nature, beach, water,…etc). Throughout three days, I was thinking that I wanted to take a photo of skyscrapers in Manhattan to portray how fast the world had been changing. Yet, I gave up on the idea.

Anyway, I was having a lot of fun. Stay tuned for our next photo challenge! And happy brainstorming my friend xxx


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