Palace of Versailles

(by Cu)

As the family’s tradition, we go on vacation in the summer. So we packed our luggage, gathered all the leftovers that would probably be rotten in the fridge after a few days and left for France this time. One of our destinations was the Palace of Versailles and its garden, situated at about 20km from Paris.

Here are some photos that I took of the place.

Versailles 07/2014

Viewed from a window of the palace.

Versailles 07/2014

Versailles 07/2014

The interior.

Just as people say, the building is magnificent. It reminds everyone of the former owner: Louis XIV, the King of the Sun. Most of the rooms inside the palace are now used as a museum, which provides on information about the history and the architectural details of its construction and development.

Versailles 07/2014

Versailles 07/2014

Versailles 07/2014

Versailles 07/2014

Ornaments and decorations inside the rooms, on walls and ceilings.

Though the Palace of Versailles is a great place to strengthen your knowledge about a part of France’s history and architecture, I got tired because too much information was given at the same time. I personally find it better to look up everything about the palace at home and to just go there to confirm what you’ve read before at your own leisurely pace.

Besides, there were so many tourists (including us) that it was difficult to feel comfortable during the visit. I heard later from an acquaintance that she had never seen the Palace of Versailles not being crowded. I myself had to suffer a lot to be able to read a few educative boards and to take some photos. Maybe it was also a bad luck for we came during the summer vacation.

Versailles 07/2014

Versailles 07/2014

It was instead a very good opportunity to take pictures of visitors and to know how the touristic services in here worked. I found it enjoyable discovering how a mass of people were queuing under the sun for a train so as to facilitate their visit of the large gardens. The sight was so wide that some were willing to pay for mini golf car in order to drive around without having to make too much effort.

I have to admit that I didn’t make a full tour of the gardens. The sun was shining fiercely on that day, which made it the hottest day that I’ve ever experienced in Western Europe. It was finally quite logical that people didn’t want to get on their feet and walk, because the imperial family and the ministers used to have horses after all.

Versailles 07/2014

I consider this to be my best shot of the day. It was taken from behind a wall made by trees that was trimmed nicely. I was really happy to discover that there was a hole on that nearly perfect wall, and that one side of the palace could be viewed completely from that hole.

So that was my visit to the Palace of Versailles. Though the day was hot and crowded with tourists, it was definitely worth four hours on car.


4 thoughts on “Palace of Versailles

    1. Thanks Robin. I’ll surely come back to Versailles one more time. I hope it will be less hot and crowded than the first time so that I can comtemplate the palace’s beauty from a different angle.


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