Photography Challenge – Colors Of The Wind

By Nhi

The third topic for our photography challenge is Colors Of The Wind. 

This topic created a little bit of challenge for my blog buddy, since there were rarely any winds during the time she tried to take this photo.


“I don’t like this photo that much but wind seems to appear only up there. And I run out of money to take the train to the beach, where I can catch winds,” she said.

Well, I am happy because she ran out of money at the time, since my photo is related to the beach (again!) already. I live in New York City, so it is actually an easy ride to many beaches nearby. That’s why I like this place; I can enjoy two worlds: the bustle and hustle of city life, and the calm, peaceful, relaxed atmosphere I can reach out to at any times. On second thought, New York City doesn’t only give me two, but multiple worlds to live in. It is where the world meet. However, I guess I can talk about diversity on another post.

Colors of the wind Nhi


For those who don’t know about our challenge, you can click on two posts we have posted already prior to this:

1. Speed

2. You thought you would never take a photo of this.

Thank you so much xxxxx




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