Coney Island: Delightful

By Nhi

This week, I decided to go to Coney Island as a way of escaping from the city and getting closer to mother nature. Going to the beach was one of the most economical way to have fun with friends, relax and contemplate before school starts (soon!). It was such a delightful trip and I took some photos of this place. 

2014-08-28 14.00.37

2014-08-28 13.21.13

2014-08-28 13.20.40

2014-08-28 13.19.23

2014-08-28 12.19.34

2014-08-28 13.23.04

2014-08-28 13.21.35 

With Sand

2014-08-28 13.22.32


2 thoughts on “Coney Island: Delightful

    1. Hey talented writer!! It is good to hear back from you after a while. I am starting school next week so it is pretty exciting. I am sure that you are doing great in school and please keep me updated. Thanks for commenting!


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