1000 steps

By Nhi

The fourth topic for our photography challenge is a small task:

 “From the front door of your house or apartment building, walk 1000 steps in one direction. Choose one that you know won’t lead to a deadlock like a lake. Take photo of the place you stop at. You are encouraged to walk in the direction you have never walked. Take a nice photo. Try every angle.”

This one was the topic I felt most excited about. First of all, I didn’t have to think abstractly. And second of all, I was curious about where 1000 steps would lead me to. 

1000 steps turned out to be quite short and I had wished the walk to be longer. My friend even tried walking again several times after the first try because the first time didn’t give her anything worth taking a photo of. For my case, I think that I will never be able to forget about the position that is 1000 steps away from my house. It is so memorable, fun and well, disappointing because it doesn’t help me take any spectacular shots.

Also, we both agree that it is quite hard to walk in a straight line because we kept running into buildings, houses and cars. Houses, houses everywhere!

10600039_830666550277773_322181656_oThis was taken by Cu. How cool it is that she ran into this little buddy. Banal happiness…


When I went out to do the challenge, it was getting dark soon. Nothing spectacular; just houses. And a lovely tree! The photo was quite dark because of the position I stood. I couldn’t find an angle that gave more light to the tree. If I walked further steps, I would violate the challenge.

This is the fourth topic in a photography challenge we are doing. We have taken other photos, and will post soon in future. Thank you so much for reading!

1. Speed

2. You thought you would never take a photo of this.

3. Colors of the wind


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