Climate March in NYC

By Nhi

A day like today makes me appreciate that fact that I am living in New York City. The crowd is phenomenal. Spirited, Outspoken and so Inspirational. The line of people was endless. Groups of people chanted, shouted out loud and held in their hands impressive posters. I have never experienced something so huge and lovely. Everyone got together for one cause: the earth.

These are some photos that I took while marching:

2014-09-21 14.36.10

2014-09-21 14.34.53

2014-09-21 15.40.31

2014-09-21 14.35.44

2014-09-21 14.31.55

2014-09-21 14.34.38

2014-09-21 14.47.48

2014-09-21 14.59.31


3 thoughts on “Climate March in NYC

    1. Hey, thank you so so much for looking at my blog post and commenting. I really appreciate your question. This is the largest march in the history so I definitely think that many things are happening thanks to it. First of all, the voice of 400000 people marching are heard, so the awareness and enthusiasm are spread on the news tremendously. I believe that this will pressure more positive things to happen. Secondly, some famous people also stepped up and delivered strong messages after this day. Leonardo Dicaprio has always worked to protect the environment and his speech at the opening of Climate Summit is simply amazing. Obama also made a statement and commitment to climate change. And this video from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has already gained four million viewers ( So definitely. I hope so!

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