Top of the World

By Nhi

The deadline for our photography challenge of 20 topics was yesterday. But we will post photos week by week to not bombard our followers 🙂

The eighth topic for this challenge is: Top of the world.


This photo belongs to Cu. I am quite impressed with the angle she chose to take this photo.

2014-09-24 09.15.00

This was taken by me. I believe that many people will be confused about the object I choose to be “top of the world”. It is not the building, the lamp or the sky. It is the electric cord. I can take the elevator to go to the top floor of the building, get on a plane to become a dot that gets lost in the blue wide sky or touch the city lamp-post to feel closer. But, I have always just looked at this tangle of electric cords with wonder. When I was small, I often looked at these cords and asked how they carried electricity from house to house. These cords were so fragile, so how could they be responsible for delivering electricity, which was indispensable to my life? The cord seems close to me, but far because I have never been allowed to touch it and have never been able to understand it deeply. I wish I did a better job with physics.

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