By Nhi

Okay, college workload is crazy and I miss my blog

The 9th topic for our photography challenge is Sound


This is my photo. On the day I took this photo, I was really overwhelmed by the loud and constant noise on the quiet streets. No vehicles were moving. Nobody talked. Yet, the sound from this bird nest was almost deafening. If you look closely, you will see several birds flying.


This photo is taken by Cu. Love it!


Other topics we have taken photos of:

1. Speed

2. You thought you would never take a photo of this

3. Colors of the wind

4. 1000 steps

5. Tales of 1001 nights

6. Catching Sunrise

7. Love at First Sight

8. Top of the World


6 thoughts on “Sound

  1. Hello there ( : !, It’s been a while since the last time I post a comment on your blog, I stil love it so much that I’ve nominate you for a Liebster Award (an award for small and cool blogs) Hope you answer the questions of my post if you feel like it.

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