By Nhi

(my effort to live slower)

Have you ever tried to walk as fast as you possibly can on the street? You are desperate, scared and disturbed. You don’t want to miss the subway train. You tell yourself: “Don’t waste your time. Just do this and you will get what you want.”

You don’t offer help to the old woman who is struggling to carry her luggage. She can be your beloved grandmother who lives on the other side of the earth. You fail to smile at the little baby who is trying to run after her Mother. That little baby was you years ago and can be your daughter in years to come. You CAN’T stop for a second to pay attention to the disabled man who is selling M & M’s candies on his wheelchair. His smile was radiant. The number of times he said “Thank you” to buyers is more than the times college friends said Thanks after you held the door for them.


You don’t look up to see the sky. You loved the sky so much when you were a kid. You wondered how the Moon was always faster than you and questioned why the stars could be so bright. You loved the sky because in a world that was so confined to home and school, the sky up there helped you feel free and infinite. It helped you feel alive.

You are stressed. Before, whenever you were distressed because someone made you so, you didn’t care for the passersby and cried. But now, you don’t. You think that crying is weak and you would rather spend time on doing something instead of pitying yourself.


Birds are chirping a melody that you, if listen, will deem to be sad. The flowers, if you look at, will feel ecstatic because they are blossoming. The weather, if you feel, has become colder and colder because fall is around the corner. But you see none of those. You think that if you care, you will lose time to care about your future, your life, and your goal. You think that if you care, you are wasting your life.


One day, you also tried to walk fast but you couldn’t. Yet, you kept trying. But you still couldn’t. There was a problem with your feet and shoe, but you ignored the problem and keep trying. Until one moment, an old man on the street told you: “Your shoelaces aren’t tied. Be careful. Don’t hurt yourself”.

That’s when you told yourself that you would stop for a second to tie your shoes. You always hated doing it because it was so difficult to tie shoes in a nice way.

But if you do pay attention to it, you will realize that it doesn’t cost much time to solve a small problem that will solve a big problem.

Just like how when you are reading and you have to stop occasionally to clean your glasses to read well.

Similar to when you offer help to that woman, you will see her radiant smile and listen to the story of how she goes to the library everyday because she feels lonely.

And if you walk by the mother and tell her: “She is such a cute baby”, you are in awe of her beautiful smile. The smile of every mother who just has a baby and wants to shout out loud that she loves her kids.

Finally, you stop to think: “Should I buy candies from that guy?” and you look at him. A young woman comes to him, gives him a dollar and says: “I am not buying the candies. This is just…”

Worldlittelights – to live for the moment right now.


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