The Liebster Award

leib First of all, we would like to thank Eduardosans for having nominated us for this Liebster Award. It was very interesting answering these questions as we had a chance to discover more of ourselves at the same time.

So here are the questions and the answers! (In normal letters are Nhi’s answers, and mine, Cu’s, are in italic)

1. If there was a singular wish you could have granted (standard rules: no wish for wishes, etc.) what would you wish for and why?
Nhi: “I wish that every child will have an equal chance of education and receive love from adults. I don’t want to see any children suffering from loneliness and rejection. I want to see smiles on their faces. I want them to thrive because they are capable of so many great things. They are honest. They love. They live.”

Cu: “This is a difficult question, for I consider wishes to be very dangerous. You’ve got to be really careful of what you wish for, as everything is for better or for worse. I am also well aware that I could only be honest about my wish if this chance were to come true.

Yet for the sake of the question, I’d wish that I had grown up to live up to my family’s expectation, especially that of my mom. Somehow, deep inside, I can feel that everyone had expected me to be a different person from who I am today. It would cause them less trouble if I were more obedient, organized and sociable. I just can’t help finding myself being cruel and troubled between what I know I should do to be a perfect child and what I really want to do.”

  1. What quote inspires you the most?

Nhi: ” “What we are suffering through today is not a battle of jew versus Arab or Israeli vs Palestinian. Rather, it is a battle between those who celebrate life and those who champion death. It is a battle of civilization versus barbarism.” – Wiesel

I don’t live my life based on any quotations. I like many but I don’t think I can think of one that inspires me the most. However, I noted down this quotation on my notebook because I wanted to be a part of those people who celebrate life and fight against barbarism.”

Cu: ” “Man used to be able to fly, but then someone suddenly said one day: “Are you kidding? Man can in no way fly like birds!” Since then, we’ve only been able to walk on our feet.”

I don’t really know the exact words of this quote or from whom it comes from. I can only recall reading it at the dusk wrapper of the manga “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda. It was my favorite manga at the time (when I was 14) and has had a strong influence on my character. For some reason, this quote always comes back to my mind and encourages me whenever I have to face a new difficulty.”

  1. What is your favourite book?

Nhi: ” “The Picture of Dorian Gray” – Oscar Wilde. I read this book two years ago and it is absolutely the best book I can ever read. It teaches me so many things: about appearance, beauty and life. The beauty inside matters most. Thank you, Wilde.”

Cu: “Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

It appeared quite hard to pick one title among all of my favorite books, but Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” was the first one to make me experience a sleepless night because of somberness. I was still deep in thoughts and busy reviewing all the remarkable sentences in the book in my head the following midday while getting out of bed. Never before had I been able to relate myself to a fictional character as much as to Toru Watanabe in “Norwegian Wood”.”

  1. What is your favourite movie?

Nhi: ” “Finding Nemo” This animated movie made me cry the first time watching it. When I am sad, I told myself: “Keep Swimming”.”

Cu: “For the moment, I’m in love with all the three movies of LOTR and the first two of the Hobbit. I refuse to have to choose one among them all, because they are meant to be bound together.”

  1.  Who inspires you?

Nhi: “Nicholas Kristof. He writes so many articles about humanity and his books change my perspectives. He gives me an idea of what I want to do. I don’t want to change the world. I just want to change someone’s life.”

Cu: “My dear co-blogger, Nhi. I’ve been able to learn many new things since I met her, including how to enjoy my everyday life as it is. She has also encouraged me to read and to write more, which I rarely did after leaving primary school. Friends are awesome, and Nhi must be standing somewhere at the top of that Awesome Mount because she has influenced me in many positive ways. Thanks, crazy and lazy and hungry Nhi.”

  1. Being outside or inside?

Nhi: “I would say both. Who wouldn’t? When I am inside, I long to be outside but when I am outside, I long to be inside.”

Cu: “Both. I love biking while sniffing fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature, but I also love my desk and my cozy bed at home. Though I spend most of my day inside (well yeah, I am a dedicated member of that infamous group of young people who spend so much time on the computer that they have backache at the age of 19), I can’t imagine a life without wind, sunlight, rain, clouds and trees.”

7. What is your greatest fear?

Nhi: “A person who know everything about me and use that as a way to hurt me.”

Cu: “I’m afraid of growing up. All I want is to play around till I get tired, to do nothing other than studying and hanging out with friends after school, and to stay goofy forever. I am quite easily in panic these days as some of my friends begin to talk like adults and to tell me that I should behave like a grown-up. Please, leave me with peace. I have rarely met any grown-up who enjoys being one anyway.”

8. What is your proudest achievement?

Nhi: “I am always myself.”

Cu: “Being the one I am today. Despite what I said at the first question (not being able to live up to my family’s high expectation), I truly think that the five-year old me would be proud of the nineteen-year old me for still living carefreely, being less stubborn, drawing aliens in notebooks, writing blog and reading books in my free time, and being mentally independent.

In short, I’m able to do what I feel like doing and can therefore enjoy my every moment. And I hope that I’ll still be able to give the same answer to this question 20 or 40 years from this moment onward.”

9. What superpower would you like?

Nhi: “I like to know what you are thinking of. Creepy, I know.”

Cu: “Invisibility. I’d like to fade away for real at times so as to

1, enjoy being on my own without being disturbed.

2, do weird things without being weird.”

10. If you could invite 5 people to dinner (regardless of whether they’re alive or unrealistic or what not) who would you invite and why?

Nhi: “- My grandmother who always prepared the best food she can for me when I used to live with her. I love you so much.

– My mentor who taught me English four years ago. She told me many things about life, expanded my perspectives and also treated me to many meals. I also want to buy food for her.

– My cat (Please count this! He is like a human to me). He grew up with me but died two years ago. He always lied on my belly and we watched movies together. On winter days, I hugged him to steal a little warmness. This winter, all I have is blanket and pillow. I never got to see him the last time before he died.

– My brother. Of all the people in the world, I love him most.

– Gosh, I wish that all my close friends are one person so I can invite them all together…Okay, I will save this last seat for the person who is close to me 60 years from now.”

Cu: “My dad.

My stepbrother at the age of 20 (now he’s only 7). I’m curious about what he will become and our conversation 13 years from now.

A talking tree (with the condition that he can speak more than these three words “I. AM. GROOT”!) (or a tree with a language that I can learn) with whom I can have deep conversations about plants’ lives and stories of the Earth.

Because we have a talking tree, I should invite a talking animal too. What about a donkey? (Like the one in Shrek?)

Well this is going to be a strange mix for a dinner. I should certainly divide this into one family meal and one talking-creature meal before things get awkward between my stepbrother and the talking donkey.

I’m not quite sure who I’ll invite as the 5th person (Can I please have like a dozen extra chairs for all my friends?). I’d like to leave this seat vacant, for I expect that I’ll meet someone really interesting and important to me in the future.”

After answering the questions, we would like to nominate Herminia on aspiringwriter22 for the Liebster Award! Just like the blog’s name, she’s an aspiring and also inspiring writer. The questions for the nomination will be the same as those we’ve received.

And once again, many thanks to Eduardosans!!

Have a nice week.


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