Street Artists Part I

2014-10-12 16.10.07

OCT 12 – 42nd St, NYC – Photo of Mr. Salvador who has been a street musician for 15 to 20 years. He thinks of himself as an “underground” artist because nobody notices him. Photo Credit: Nhi

2014-10-12 16.23.07

OCT 12 – 42st St – A look at the belongings he brings. He only comes here to practice because “If I were really good, I wouldn’t be here.” Besides playing guitar, he has to do other jobs to support himself and his kids. Photo Credit: Nhi

2014-10-12 16.42.45

OCT 12 – 5th Ave and 42nd St – The smallest member of NYC Allstars. He didn’t talk much and only showed his dancing skills. His Father said that the kid was still learning. When he became older, he could have whatever he wanted. Photo Credit: Nhi

2014-10-12 17.00.02

OCT 12 – 5th Ave and 42nd St – A photo of him after he finished performing. He made the audience laugh and take pictures continuously. His group members said that they tried to avoid troubles with the cops, but people on the train liked them.   Photo Credit: Nhi

2014-10-12 17.38.44

OCT 12 – Union Square, NYC – Ormando and his only audience. He said: “I am not only a street musician. [But] A street musician is a nice way to call me.” Photo Credit: Nhi

2014-10-12 17.40.04

OCT 12 – Union Square, NYC – A portrait of Ormando when he was playing music. On the Sunday of the week following, he wasn’t playing at Union Square anymore. Photo Credit: Nhi


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