“Shut Up!”

I have realized that I am a little slow in posting photos to finish the Summer Photography Challenge that we talked about a while ago. Yet, a challenge is a challenge and we haven’t forgotten about it. Cu has recently told me that she would like to do this challenge for our next summer, with the same 20 topics. I like the idea, but I thought we may try to incorporate new material into the challenge to make it more fun.

The 10th topic for the challenge is: “Shut Up”. The oddity of these two photos makes me feel uneasy. But considering the relevancy that they have with the topic, I think that at least, we make use of some creativity.

Photo Credit: Cu
Photo Credit: Nhi

Other topics we have taken photos of:

1. Speed 2. You thought you would never take a photo of this 3. Colors of the wind 4. 1000 steps

5. Tales of 1001 nights 6. Catching Sunrise 7. Love at First Sight 8. Top of the World

9. Sound


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