By Nhi

I love taking photos, capturing moments, preserving memories. But sometimes, abusing the camera button on your smartphone can go against every value that photography was created in the beginning.

How I wish that people would stop holding a phone in their hands to take so many selfies. One or two pictures of yourself is understandable, but constantly worshiping your face and posting photos on social media are mediocre. As it is easier for all of us to take many photos at one moment now, we face the challenge of filtering — choosing the good photos, the photos that can live on their own and create emotional impact or give valuable information. We also usually encounter the dilemma of what photos to delete and what photos to keep because every photo seems to be important, even though we don’t exactly know how our lives will be affected without them.

Photos are to preserve memories, but only if there are memories to preserve.

A conversation between two people who are eager to learn about each other will leave more in our heart than hundreds of selfies. At least, that is the case for me. After being “dragged” to take selfies with someone I barely know, I always feel empty inside, soaked in guilt because I think photography is an art requiring more attention and sincerity. And I am absolutely not a fan of clicking the camera button repeatedly for pointless reasons.

This is a short post. Meh, just some thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Selfie

    1. Hi Lily! Thank you for reading and commenting. I am sorry for getting to this after such a long time. I missed the notification. And yes, I wish the same thing as you 🙂


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