Putting Your Cell Phone Down

Hi everyone,

If you haven’t known this already, I just want to share with everyone that Tap Project from the UNICEF is now open. For every fifteen minutes that you stay away from using your phone, you can unlock one day of clean water for children in need.

I just started running Tap Project on my phone and facts that appear on screen are quite startling and also interesting to read. On the top of that, this is a great way for me to study for midterms. No phone distraction! Go on: http://tap.unicefusa.org/ to start your challenge. Let me know how it goes.


5 thoughts on “Putting Your Cell Phone Down

    1. That’s so cool! Let’s do this all together ^.^ Anyway, you know what, when I read facts on the screen, it seem like Seoul is the leading city in staying away from cellphone. I was very surprised!


    1. Hi Robin! Thanks for reading. I have done about 2 hours and a half this morning (10 days of water), so this is such a cool project! And I don’t think that it will work on iPads (sadly).


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