Snow on the First Day of Spring in NYC

By Nhi

March 20 is the first day of spring, which gives many people in New York City a chance to complain about an incredibly long winter with snow still falling unexpectedly.

I love snow, nonetheless.

Thanks to a fleeting snow day, I discovered something I had never paid attention to before. Even though it stopped snowing at 2 am, if I went out before the snow melted, I would experience something like a snow day again, when snowflakes now dropped from tree branches as if they were falling from the sky.

Here are some photos of an odd day in spring 🙂








3 thoughts on “Snow on the First Day of Spring in NYC

      1. Yes, we did although we managed to miss a little bit with a trip in early February. I am definitely ready for spring. The early tourist birds are already wandering around the cherry trees but they are still a week away from showing much. The daffodils are up and vigorous, however, and the tulip trees should be out very soon.

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