The monster, the hero, and… coffee? [short story]

It was a peaceful day. The sky was blue. Adults were enjoying their weekend at cafe. Children were running happily on the street. Leaves were singing, flowers were dancing, and bees were twirling around enthusiastically.

But suddenly a monster appeared.

It came with rage, hating the blue sky, hating the smiling people, hating the smell of cappuccino, hating the sight of carefree children playing. It even hated the soft humming voices of the trees, the elegant dance of thousand flowers in the spring. The bees couldn’t interest it less.

The monster decided to destroy the peaceful life on Earth.

“I will make them suffer in the heat of my anger. My fireball will remember them of my existence. When my anger is ignited, their smiling faces will fade away. The fire will burn, burn, burn. Beautiful things, and laughing things, and drinking-coffee-things, they will suffer from this heat. Their eyes will turn blind from its greatness. Then it will die out, and the Earth will be left in the darkness. No blue sky would be seen. No song would be sung. No cappuccino would be made.”

 – so it thought. And so it did.

The monster made a fireball to destroy everything.

02 03 04 05 06

The fireball, filled with rage, fell gradually onto the surface of the Earth. 07

It burnt, burnt, burnt. It was prepared to destroy everything. Beautiful things, laughing things and drinking-coffee-things would have to suffer from this heat. Their eyes would have to turn blind from its greatness. Then it would die out, and the Earth would be left in the darkness.08

But then came a hero.10

He wanted to save everything that made him laugh. The dancing flowers were his friends. The humming trees invited him sometimes to join their feast. The bees brought him messages from the faraway lands.

And he wished that he would be able to drink a cappuccino with the monster one day.

The hero reached out his hands to prevent the fireball from reaching the Earth’s surface.

11 12

13 14 14,5


The fireball resisted strongly but couldn’t match the power of the young man. It exploded in the air with a BOOM and dazzling light.

Everyone and everything startled and looked up at the sky to see what happened, but all they could see was white. For a while, the light of the explosion dominated the sky. The people stopped smiling, but at the same time there was no sign of panic or fear. The white piercing light which made them temporarily blind was also the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen.

Even the young hero couldn’t resist the power of the explosion.16

But it was for him tougher than for the others. He has touched the fireball and used up all his power to try to stop the burning rage of the monster.


When the explosion was over and the strong light was gone, he fell onto the ground and took his last breath.

He could smell the grass, the dry soil and the freshly made cappuccino.

“Oh I forgot to invite the monster for a cup of coffee!”

– he thought. And so he faded away while listening to the leaves singing and telling himself that he would remember the elegant dances of the flowers forever.

Hi so this is me procrastinating while I actually have to study for exams xD.

The idea of using all the possibilities that the blogging concept can offer to tell stories visually has haunted me for a while. So this is just something that I came up with very quickly as an experiment. My excuse if the content of the story is boring or cliché xD. Hope I’ll have time to make more of this in the summer.

(by Cu)


3 thoughts on “The monster, the hero, and… coffee? [short story]

  1. Reblogged this on Dong and commented:

    My latest post on Worldlittlelights in which I try to tell a short story visually by combining writing with the sequential concept of graphic novel and photography.


  2. From Nhi:

    This is such a creative way of writing. The way you took photos and laid out all the pictures among words makes this such an enjoyable, provoking read. The plot is very simple, but somehow, with these pictures sprinkled throughout the text, I get so impressed. I have seen similar ways of writing, but I have never read something fresh and new like this.

    And I think the story bears a deeper message?


    1. Wow thanksssssss xD Glad to hear that it works. I’ll try to make more of this if I have time and don’t run out of idea.
      And no sorry it doesn’t have any deeper message. I was just really impressed by the sun shining through my window and also wondered if one can be the monster, the hero and the narrator at the same time by playing every role using a camera.

      Liked by 1 person

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