Being human


From time to time, we run into kids who make us wonder, “What on earth has happened to me?”.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a boy who was about four years old. He ran and laughed in the spring fresh weather, as if he had never run and laughed enough. As if running and laughing were the two most precious presents life had given him. It was beautiful. I loved witnessing that moment so much that I didn’t dare to take a photo of him, for fear I would ruin a deep, enthralling experience for myself.

Last Saturday, I met another kid who was dancing along the music played by a group of street artists. His hands gesticulated, his feet thumped on the floor, his eyes gleamed with excitement. Clap, clap, clap. Did anyone ever teach him to clap, to dance, or to show enthusiasm when he listened to music? I don’t think so.

It is natural.

What can I say? The thought of being a kid — being human — is beautiful. The ability to have feelings, to appreciate things, to see, to smell, to listen, to touch, to dance, to sing, to feel happy, to feel sad — all are beautiful. Let’s not waste our lives, and yes, smile 🙂

34th Street, Herald Square, NYC.
34th Street, Herald Square, NYC.

5 thoughts on “Being human

    1. Thanks so much Camille! My schedule is a little crammed these days as this is my finals week. I haven’t got a chance to check out your posts recently. But after I am done with finals, I will make sure to check them out. Your good writing encourages me to have positive thoughts!

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