Is it Mother’s Day for Everyone?


Three weeks ago, I got a pair of self-made earrings from a kid in third grade, who I got to know through a mentoring program. He gave it to me because, “I don’t want it,” he said.

We had been making earrings to give to Moms on Mother’s Day. Other kids were immersed in the process and so excited to put those pairs of earrings on their small bags as presents to Moms.

The kid I was with seemed excited too. He kept asking, “Can we please do this?” and “Can you do this for me?” As I wanted to know him more, I asked, “So do you want to give this lovely present to your Mom?” “He doesn’t have a Mom!” a kid sitting between us said.

My insensitive question. My heart was throbbed. He didn’t express any emotion, and kept focusing on his earrings. Another mentor reacted faster. She said, “Do you have a grandma or an aunt you can give this too as a gift?” He shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Later, when he walked out with his Dad, I didn’t know what to do but looked at him until they were out of sight. My tongue felt bitter.

I wonder how many kids don’t want a Mother’s Day to ever exist because looking at others who have Moms is a very tough thing to go through when they never have ones.



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