Collecting the collectible


A few weeks ago, Nhi, my co-blogger, asked me to make a list of the things I’d like her to send me from our hometown. Not having any clear idea of what I want myself, I came up with the 15 things in the photo above.

The content of this list shows my own interests, and I’d like to be surprised by what Nhi will find, which then shows hers.

Hi Nhi, you certainly don’t have to take this seriously if you don’t have time.

Still, I’d like to share the list on this blog, so that those who are interested can also join us and make their own collection of these small things and kill some time in the summer. This can become a collage, or even a performance or something sculptural. I’ll also be collecting these objects myself from my everyday life. Let’s share a picture of what we find!

(by Cu)


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