This would be a perfect world if…

This would be a perfect world if…

… cars were not made to ride but solely to be parked in front of the neighbours’ houses and covered by snow every morning in the winter. Because that would be a beautiful sight to look at from the window and a much better solution for the environment (and no one would get car sick ever again!).

… cigarettes smelled and tasted like soup. Because then they would still look so elegant between women’s fingers and melancholic in a man’s mouth without being harmful.

… bags of chips had no chips inside. Because then we’d be able to buy them carefreely on the way home from school, to put them in our backpacks and to feel the comfort coming from the air inside those plastic bags; without having to worry about becoming fat.

… ice cream cars could send signals to all children in the neighbourhood. So that they would be able to chase after the ice cream man instead of having to wait for him to arrive.

… glasses had wiper blades with sensors. Because it’s hard to eat noodles with chopsticks while the steam keeps blocking your view.

… candies tasted like vegetables, or vegetables tasted like candies. So that we would eat healthier if we liked candies, and be able to enjoy the candies melting on our tongues if we liked vegetables.

… books could float and turned pages by themselves when we wanted them to. So that it’d feel much more comfortable reading in bed and eventually falling asleep in the melody of beautiful words.

… the doors of our closets would lead to those of our friends. So that we’d never be separated by time and space again.

… diaries could be connected to our brains and recorded our thoughts automatically. Because then we’d be able to guard and cherish every memory no matter how small it was.

This would be a perfect world if

… I knew how perfectly perfect it already was.


_by Cu_


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