A Quote for Us Artists

Every art always deals with human beings, it is a human manifestation and presents human beings. To paraphrase Marx: “The root of all art is man.” When the film close-up strips the veil of our imperceptiveness and insensitivity from the hidden little things and shows us the face of objects, it still shows us man, for what makes objects expressive are the human expressions projected on to them. The objects only reflect our own selves, and this is what distinguished art from scientific knowledge (although even the latter is to a great extent subjectively determined). When we see the face image of things, we do what the ancients did in creating gods in man’s image and breathing a human soul into them. The close-ups of the film are the creative instruments of this mighty visual anthropomorphism.”

Film Theory and Criticism (Gerald Mast and Marshall Cohen)

22534490365_df4dfe68d4_o (1)
Somewhere I don’t remember. That’s why I am scared of myself falling so deep for photography. It is indisputably a wonderful tool for us, however a photograph is a frozen moment taken in the flow of narration. It can very well tell us many things. But it can also make us at a loss to really recall what we did and how we thought at the moment we shoot the photo. For me, it seems like the more moments I try to preserve, the less that are left with me. Details of the fleeting moments escape me. So easy. So fast. 

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