Questions on a snow day


I sort of want to see more out of this photo. Like, there should be more to it. Why is everything … not enough?? Where is the rest of that tree? Why is the line that divides the photo so unnaturally straight? Why should the carpet of snow even be there?

Should there be a meaning behind the way a photographer chooses to arrange objects? Or is it okay to be meaningless, as long as “it looks good!”? Is “looking good” the meaning? And if that is not the case, is a meaningless snap that goes with your so called aesthetic pleasure even acceptable when you want to be taken seriously?


2 thoughts on “Questions on a snow day

  1. All of those are good questions. And different people wil have different answers. Which answer is the “right” one? Or is there a right answer? But they should be asked, and thanks for reminding us.


    1. Thank you Robin 🙂 How are you? It has been a while since we have been in touch. I hope that all is well. And I think I am a little better in asking questions than actually being able to answer those.


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