Scan 4(by Cu)

2 hours and 39 minutes on train are how long it takes for us to reach each other.

For almost 5 years, my life in Belgium can be resumed with one word: trains. Trains to dormitory, trains to work, trains to school, trains to family and friends, trains to no-where places that help to relax my mind. However, train rides have never been as meaningful as during the last 4 months: they form a connection between you and me.

It is when I know there’s someone waiting for me at the end of the ride, when 2 hours and 39 minutes seem like a century, when the sceneries outside the window flash before my eyes while my head is filled with the idea of getting closer to where you at. Despise you having told me not to stand next to the window of your seat and to wait till your train departs because we’d become both too emotional; how many times have I secretly stood a little bit farther away and looked till your train leaves? Or listened down the staircase to the sound of the train’s motor starting up and then fading away just as fast? How many times have I wished for the train not to come when we’re together? How many time have I tried to hold my breath so as not to burst in tears in public? Was there a time when I didn’t hesitate to step on it to go back home, 2 hours and 39 minutes away from where you were?

And today, as I stood in the station, waiting again for the sound of your train to fade away, it struck me how many people were like us. They all seemed to take the train to go to a destination where someone might be waiting for their arrival. One young man stood alone with his bike at the entrance of the station, back leaning on the wall, eyes fixed on the phone’s screen. Was he not, like you and I, waiting for his loved one to arrive? A couple was kissing and hugging just before the train stops. Were they not, like you and I, saying the last words of goodbye and promising to meet the soonest possible?

Glancing through the countless portraits of people at the train stations in my sketchbooks, I can’t help but wonder how many of them were so much in love that they were sharing the emotion of feeling lonely, as they all waited for someone or something…

Scan 5Scan 3Scan 8Scan 12Scan 10ScanScan 15Scan 16Scan 17Scan 1

…at the trainstation.

Scan 14

My daily view at the station, waiting for the train to school to arrive.

Scan 13Scan 7

The ouside world as I sat in the train.

Scan 11

A little drawing of us that I did during one of the first train rides back from your place.


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