60km from 22/03

A little report of how the 22nd March was to those living 60km away from Brussels, for whom the historical day was just another 24 hours added to their everyday life. After one week there are now still much talk about it. But sometimes words can’t say enough and our new image culture provided by the news and digital information sources doesn’t help giving an objective look on the situation as it’s supposed to.

So why not use subjectivity to challenge objectivity?

ScanScan 3Scan 6Scan 7Scan 8Scan 9Scan 10Scan 11Scan 12Scan 13Scan 14Scan 15Scan 16Scan 17Scan 18Scan 19Scan 20Scan 21

_by Cu_


2 thoughts on “60km from 22/03

    1. Personnally I find the common reactions of people more interesting than the images and the things we see and hear on the media. It’s these reactions that represent the best the time we live in and the way we think and the world changes day by day.


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