Live for the moment

Because we are breaking away, we make the next four years count.

On March 30, 2014, I typed a long essay rationalizing why I chose to attend a university in New York City as a Journalism/ Communications major. Ending my writing piece at 2:40 AM with the sentence above, I sent it to my closest friend, who was also going to college in the fall as a graphic design undergraduate. 4f1e890f20c74b9ba90561b1cd58969e

I probably looked like that

I like to write; she loves to draw. Thus, we have in minds different goals and career choices. However, we are close friends. Hell of friends. Our mutual hobbies vary from reading, writing, photographing, designing to biking, style, music taste and food. We are also culture nerds, taking photos of people and places everywhere, even when our shots are horrible. We also have the same haircut. However, while my singing is acceptable, she never dares to sing. In return, life gives her an amazing ability to play video games night and day; I cannot. And we are both lazy teenagers, easily distracted by social media and other perks of having strong Wi-Fi at home. I personally never write, read and watch movies as much as I want. So I thought: “How nice would it be if I and she can work on a blog project for four years with specific goals?” I was thrilled when brainstorming all of my ideas. I could not sleep that night. Seriously. “So to make the next four years full of ideas, creativity, purposes, passion, we will record our journey in this blog,” I said the cheesiest thing to end my idea about the blog to my friend. She agreed, loving it. Here the four-year project comes into life: Worldlittlelights. The idea is simple. We wish to discover, write, draw, talk about hobbies that shine like little lights in our lives. We also want to share with you stories and photos about people and things that we consider lovely enough to light up this world. Yes, this blog will make us live slower, enjoy more and love more.

Live for the moment right now.

Written by Nhi/ Illustrated by my friend -Cu